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Our Indoor Range Memberships Make Welcomed Gifts

Indoor Range MembershipsEven Santa agrees, indoor range memberships make a great surprise for the holidays! Call us today for information on how to make everyone happy this year with a membership to the Everything Weapons Indoor Range. 615-915-4885. Don’t forget to stop by our store and view our large selection of firearms, ammunition, accessories and hunting gear. We have some great stocking stuffers, too!

Senior Citizens Enjoy Target Practice

Franklin Senior ActivitiesEveryone is enjoying the sport of target practice and indoor shooting from women, children and seniors. Shooting firearms can be great exercise, not only for the body but for the mind. Senior citizens enjoy the thrill of shooting and the challenge to hit the target. Studies show that it can boost blood flow to the brainĀ and helps nerve cells in the part of brain that controls your memory.

Everything Weapons’ staff can assist you in picking the perfect gun for your needs. Whether it be arthritis, poor vision or a limited range of motion, we can assist you in choosing a firearm. Seniors seem to have the most fun when the trigger is easier to pull, there’s a strong grip, a low recoil, and the gun is easy to operate and accurate.

Next time you come out to shoot, bring your mother, father, wife and kids. Everyone enjoys to shoot! For more information about guns and target practice for senior citizens, feel free to call us at 615-915-4885.